Unilever Unveils its Transparency Commitment

Unilever logo“Clean up your act.” That is the message being delivered by Keith Weed, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Unilever to digital media stakeholders, when he addresses the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting this week in Palm Desert, CA.

Unilever believes that the bad practices of many within the digital media supply chain risks damaging the trust that consumers have in not just the media, but also the brands that advertise on these platforms.

While the concern is a legitimate one, the industry and some of the biggest players in the digital media sector, have been slow to address advertiser sentiments when it comes to fraud, viewability, brand safety and transparency.

In his speech, Mr. Weed will serve notice to all within the digital media ecosystem that those who have not demonstrably committed to cleaning up the digital infrastructure will be on the outside looking it when it comes to Unilever’s marketing spend.

Hopefully other marketers will follow the lead of P&G and Unilever when it comes to withholding digital media spend from organizations that have been slow to acknowledge and more importantly, address marketplace concerns. Read More.

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